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Jiangshan Scotech Electrical Co Ltd SCOTECH is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Longxiang Electricity Co Ltd which is a large transformer manufacturer with a long history since 1999 we offer a full range of transformers including distribution transformer up to 35KV power transformer up to 220KV dry type transformer furnace transformer rectifier transformer and other special customized transformers SCOTECH is operating as the oversea engineering department of Shaanxi Hanzhong Transformer Group Co Ltd since 2016 and we had achieved significant results on transformer solutions transformer rectifier furnace solutions for substation steel plant metal smelting and producing company So far we have 2...

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ReactorLadle Refining FurnaceLadle Electric FurnaceCast Resin Transformer10MVA 33KV Transformer33KV Power TransformerCast Coil TransformersElectric Furnace Steel315KVA VPI TransformerSubstation Transformer1.6MVA Oil Transformer15MVA 66KV Transformer132Kv Power TransformerDry Type Transformer anThree Phase Transformer230Kv Power TransformerPad Mounted TransformerArc Furnace Transformer20MVA Power TransformerMobile Type Transformer1.6MVA 22KV Transformer6700KVA VPI Transformer50KVA Power Transformer50MVA Power TransformerDry Type Series Reactor15MVA Power Transformer220KV Power Transformer10MVA 132KV Transformer10MVA Power Transformer50MVA 115KV Transformer1600KVA Oil Transformer800KVA 11KV Transformer1000KVA VPI Transformer10KVA Power Transformer500KVA 11KV TransformerUnderground transformer1000KVA Dry Transformer60MVA 242KV Transformer60MVA Power TransformerMedium Frequency FurnaceOutdoor Air Core ReactorSingle Phase Transformer800KVA Power Transformer300KVA 6.6KV Transformer500KVA 5.5KV TransformerDistribution Transformer800KVA 6.6KV Transformer1600KVA 22KV Transformer1500KVA 11KV TransformerCurrent Limiting Reactor1000KVA 11KV Transformer4000KVA 11KV TransformerVpi Dry Type Transformer2500KVA 11KV Transformer100KVA Power TransformerDry Type Transformer Ann500KVA Power Transformer6300KVA 33KV Transformer3 Phase Dry Type Reactor3150KVA 11KV TransformerHigh Voltage Transformer2000KVA 11KV Transformer1.6MVA Power TransformerDual Voltage Transformerpower supply transformerPole Mounted TransformerIndustry EAF Transformeroil immersed transformerVPI Dry Type TransformersShunt Reactor TransformerDry Type Air Core Reactor2000KVA 6.6KV Transformer50MVA 3 Phase Transformer1MVA Dry Type Transformer15MVA 66/11KV Transformer6300KVA Power TransformerLadle Furnace SteelmakingDry Type Transformer Anaf1600KVA Power TransformerStep Up Power Transformer1000KVA 6.6KV Transformer1000KVA Power Transformer2MVA Dry Type Transformer1000KVA 5.5KV TransformerDry Transformer with OLTC2500KVA Power Transformer8000KVA Power Transformer5MVA Dry Type Transformer2000KVA Power Transformer1500KVA 6.6KV TransformerTrailer Mobile SubstationDry Type Transformer Dyn1110MVA Traction Transformerphase-shifting transformerDry Cast Resin TransformerK Factor Rated TransformerElectric Induction Furnace10MVA Dry Type TransformerDry Type Resin TransformerK Factor Power TransformerWater Cooled Power Reactor15MVA Dry Type TransformerAmorphous Core TransformerPower Transformer Dry Type6.6kv Dry Type TransformerDry Type Power TransformerPhase Shifting TransformerShunt Reactor ConstructionIndoor Dry Type TransformerAmorphous Metal Transformer500KVA 11/0.4KV Transformer500KVA Dry Type Transformer8MVA 33KV Power Transformer400KVA Dry Type TransformerResin Cast Type TransformerLiquid Immersed TransformerAir Cooled Type Transformer2.5MVA Dry Type TransformerDry Transformer Indoor Type630KVA Dry Type TransformerCast Resin Transformer Anaf800KVA Dry Type TransformerAmorphous Alloy Transformer315KVA Dry Type Transformer300KVA Dry Type TransformerAmorphous Metel Transformer269KVA Dry Type Transformer250KVA Dry Type Transformer10MVA Rectifier Transformer700KVA Dry Type TransformerIndustrial Electric Furnace6.7MVA Dry Type Transformer2000KVA Dry Type Transformer2840KVA Dry Type TransformerCast Resin Power TransformerCast Resin Transformer Price3150KVA Dry Type TransformerBridge Rectifier Transformer500KVA 5.5/0.4KV Transformer3 Phase Dry Type TransformerClass F Dry Type Transformer2500KVA Dry Type Transformer1250KVA Dry Type TransformerDry Type 3 Phase TransformerDry Type Transformer 3 PhaseElectric Furnace TransformerNeutral Earthing TransformerSeries Reactor In Substation6700KVA Dry Type TransformerOutdoor Dry Type Transformer2840KVA Traction Transformer1000KVA Dry Type Transformer1500KVA Dry Type Transformer800KVA 11/0.55KV Transformer269KVA Rectifier TransformerEpoxy Resin Cast Transformer1000KVA 5.5/0.4KV Transformer11kv Oil Immersed Transformer4MVA Distribution TransformerK Rated Dry Type Transformers400KVA Resin Cast TransformerPower Transformer Up To 230Kv1600KVA 11/0.55KV Transformer2840KVA Rectifier Transformer630KVA Resin Cast Transformer11kv Distribution TransformerMobile Substation TransformerPower Transformer Up To 132KvInduction Furnace TransformerDry Type Electric Transformer400KVA Air Cooled TransformerVacuum Cast Coil Transformers700KVA Resin Cast TransformerNeutral Grounding Transformer1MVA Distribution Transformer300KVA Resin Cast Transformer500KVA Resin Cast Transformer1250KVA Cast Coil TransformerForced Air Cooled Transformer800KVA Cast Resin TransformerCast Resin Transformer Outdoor50KVA Distribution Transformer10KVA Distribution Transformer1250KVA Resin Cast Transformer12 Pulse Rectifier TransformerK-factor Dry Type Transformers3150KVA Resin Cast Transformer2MVA 33KV Dry Type TransformerCast Coil Dry-type TransformerVacuum Impregnated TransformerHarmonic Withstand TransformerAuxiliary Earthing Transformer500KVA 6.6KV Power Transformer1500KVA Resin Cast TransformerOil-immersed Power TransformerDry Type Step Down TransformerResin Encapsulated Transformer50Kva Single Phase Transformer2500KVA Resin Cast TransformerOil Immersed Power TransformerCast Coil Dry Type TransformerWater Cooled Smoothing Reactor1000KVA Resin Cast Transformer2000KVA Resin Cast TransformerVentilated Dry Type Transformer10MVA 33/33KV Power Transformer132Kv Step Up Power Transformer230Kv Step Up Power Transformer100KVA Distribution TransformerCast Resin Dry Type Transformer3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer1600KVA Three Phase Transformer1.5MVA Distribution Transformer500KVA Distribution TransformerDelta Star Dry Type TransformerAir Cooled Transformer Dry TypeResin Cast Dry Type TransformerTransformer Cast Resin Dry Type800KVA Distribution TransformerMiniature Substation Transformer1000KVA Distribution Transformer3 Phase Pole Mounted Transformer2500KVA Distribution Transformer2000KVA Distribution TransformerOil Filled Rectifier Transformer4000KVA Distribution TransformerVentilated Dry Type Transformers1500KVA Distribution TransformerIsolation Cast Resin TransformerThree Phase Dry Type TransformerCast Resin Transformer with Oltc700KVA 6.6KV Dry Type Transformer2000KVA 33KV Dry Type Transformer500KVA 6.6KV Dry Type Transformer1000KVA 11kv Dry Type Transformer250KVA 6.6KV Dry Type TransformerDry Type Encapsulated TransformerOverhead Distribution Transformer1000KVA Liquid Filled TransformerCast Coil Epoxy Resin TransformerSubmerged Arc Furnace TransformerEncapsulated Dry Type TransformerDry Type Distribution TransformerDry Type Transformer Anaf CoolingAir Core Current Limiting Reactor630KVA 6.6KV Dry Type TransformerWater Cooled Dry Type TransformerMedium Frequency Electric FurnaceThree Phase Cast Resin TransformerSupercritical Water Cooled ReactorMedium Frequency Induction FurnaceHigh Voltage Rectifier Transformer230Kv Electrical Power TransformerWater Cooling Dry Type TransformerLiquid Cooled Dry Type Transformer132Kv Electrical Power TransformerOil Immersed Rectifier TransformerLiquid Filled Rectifier TransformerDry Type Transformer with EnclosureDry Type Transformer Copper WindingDry Type Transformer Medium VoltageMedium Voltage Dry Type TransformerCast Resin Encapsulated TransformerCopper Wound Cast Resin TransformerOil Cooled Distribution TransformerElectrical Distribution TransformerThree Phase Distribution Transformer800KVA 11KV Distribution TransformerThree Phase Pole Mounted TransformerPad Mounted Distribution TransformerSingle Phase Distribution TransformerOil Immersed Distribution TransformerPole Mounted Distribution TransformerPad Mounted Liquid Filled TransformerSingle Phase Pole Mounted Transformer1000KVA 11KV Distribution TransformerVacuum Pressure Impregnated TransformerVacuum Pressure Impreganated TransformerVacuum Pressure Impregnation TransformerOil Type Miniature Substation TransformerDry Type Transformer Class 155 InsulationMedium Frequency Induction Melting FurnaceNeutral Grounding Transformer For GeneratorResin Cast Dry Type Distribution TransformerDry Type Transformer for Outdoor InstallationSingle Phase Overhead Distribution Transformer315KVA Vacuum Pressure Impregnation TransformerVacuum Pressure Impregnated Dry Type Transformer500KVA 6.6/1.05KV Dry Type Transformer No.2017003
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